Phil De Wilde

Phil Wilde’s nudes are all about composition, light and form. He tends towards a calm serenity in his images and whilst not always the  perfect pose or composition, the relaxed nature of the models he uses means the end result invariably is perfect.  It feels like he never has to try too hard to achieve these stunning photo’s.

I hope you enjoy them.


Hudson Manilla

Hudson Manilla is an internationally acclaimed photographer who specialises in shooting the female art form. He is UK based, but regularly shoots in the United States and Japan. From traditional cover style glamour photography to raw edged fashion, to fine art erotica, his imagery always has a unique signature.

Appealing equally to both men and women, Hudson Manilla excels at capturing emotional as well as physical beauty, but he also knows how to improve upon it. In his imagery, a pretty girl is always transformed into a sensual and spectacular woman. Whilst his work has a strong aesthetic appeal, it also contains an underlying psychological connection and an intriguing narrative. Spontaneous moments of emotional intensity are perfectly captured, the models eyes intensely luring the viewer into her sensual world with such an aphrodisia of intimacy and seduction that the viewer can’t help but wonder if the image captured a real or imagined passionate moment of rapture.

Natasha Mayo on skin…

Skin is often linked to notions of wholeness and completeness. It is not found only in one area of the body, it appears everywhere, not simply forming the surface of the body but responding to the body’s internal structure to create the terrain we recognise as the human form; following the extremities of cavities by turning inwards to form the familiar hollow of the mouth, the labyrinth of the ear and the knot of the anus. And yet, skin is not an impermeable container of the body, keeping in and keeping out; it breathes. Its very fibres are in constant flux by virtue of discrete and multiple interactions between the inner body and the outside world. It absorbs and emits, becoming a part of our immediate surroundings by sharing the breath of intimate conversations, the humidity of the atmosphere and the temperature of cool air. In fact, on closer inspection, it is difficult to define skin as an entity in its own right before describing its characteristics according to either internal or external forces. These impressions upon the flesh offer a rich network of interactions and associations long explored through the body in art, particularly, in discussions on the threat to identity that can arise from a border so constantly breached. Skin is both literally and metaphorically understood as concealing or exposing what is familiar, desired and accepted of our body image. It is understandable therefore, indeed necessary, that such concerns lead to notions of fragmentation, mutilation or fetishisation of skin. Skins two- folded-ness, however, its absorption of the external world and emission of internal properties can also be examined and represented as a more integral part of the body. The figurative work exhibited as part of the Fragmented Figure exhibition, arises from an enquiry into the ways in which the emphasis of flesh and skin in figurative ceramic artworks can be understood, discussed and demonstrated in terms of aesthetic properties. In particular, how the interaction between expression, representation, surface and form can create or prompt certain perceptual relationships suggestive of sensations or emotional states associated with flesh and skin. Included are examples of initial test pieces devised to establish common traits between clay and skin and the application of these findings to achieve more particular emphasis in larger scale figurative artworks.

One of my own… Katy T

Katy T – Jumping

I’d love to know what you think of my photo’s so please leave me a comment.

This image was take a couple of years ago and I had the pleasure of working with the fabulous model Katy T. As you can see she is very fit and very toned which is probably what you should expect from an ex dancer, but after making Katy jump into the air time after time after time, I’m not sure she’ll ever work with me again. The poor girl was exhausted at the end of the session – and I’m not surprised.

I managed to get loads of great shots from our session and I got to try out some new ideas – some of which worked and some which didn’t. I can only comment here on Katy’s professionalism throughout as she never called me anything to my face.

Now, of course, Katy has left the British Isles for a career in the USA and by all accounts is doing very well over there – so good luck to you.

Finally – as you can see Katy is a hardy lass and given all the snow we’ve been having over here in the UK I thought this an appropriate image from Austrian Photographer Simone Attisani… more from him later.


Katy T in the Snow

John Tisbury

John Tisbury specialises in erotic, fetish and artistic nude photography. His fine art nude photographs are memorable and thought provoking whilst his erotic photographs and fetish photographs are well known and sought after pieces of art.

He has the ablility to shows us the erotic, fetish, nude and fine art nude side of the human form.

The image below links to his site containing a collection of photographs from his portfolio covering fetish, erotic, nude, artistic nude images together with a series of landscapes. Over 230 images to look at and all available for sale.

John Tisbury is a member of his local photography club, Rushden & District Photography Society. He’s won awards for much of his work which he enters into national and international competitions. He’s also a member of the Royal Photographic Society, achieving his ARPS distinction in 2004, and he’s a member of the Guild of Erotic Artists and the Association of Erotic Artists.

His main area of photographic work evolves around photographing the female form. Tisbury loves working both in a studio and on location work, for both offer him tremendous artistic flexibility and inspire an incredible range of ideas and imagery. In his own words, “The studio is a blank canvas where you create and control everything, whereas the landscape we can only ever interact with it and never exercise complete control.

“I like to create images that stir the imagination, that are erotic, even raunchy but not explicit. The mind is so much more powerful, so its good to leave some things up to the viewers imagination.”

Well said John!

Madeleine Photography

One of the few female photographers out there, but one who definately flies the flag for the female of the species.

Madeleine’s web site hosts ove 120 images of male, female, colour and black and white images taken both in the studio and on location.  It doesn’t seem to matter whether she is shooting a moodily lit, sensual shot or a totally funky pop-art style – all of her imagery is inspiring, innovative and very beautiful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Madeleine has been a successful, professional photographer in Santa Barbara, California, for twenty years where she operates a full service studio. Her background is in fashion, commercial and fine art photography.

Madeleine’s work has been featured in the New York Center of Fine Arts, and the Chelsea Art Museum, New York and her photographs have been published internationally in numerous magazines and books, postcards, and posters.

Recently a collection of her black and white photographs were featured in Asahi a fine art photographic magazine published in Tokyo.

My work attends acutely to the subject, whether it is carefully evoking someone’s personality or capturing that element in everything we see.

In her own words “Photography is the tool that I use to communicate my visual language.”

Hans van der Kamp

And now for something completely different…  Sometimes, just sometimes you come across a site that is so completely different that you just have to keep going back for more.  I’m not sure if this is just through morbid curiosity or even a desire to understand the artist.  Maybe it’s just because I like the humour and the irony.  No…. I don’t know why either – but I do.

Hans van der Kamp was born in Haarlem Netherlands. At age 7 he claimed that he wanted to become a photographer. The origin of his motivation was that he contributed magic powers to the photographer who — in his child’s mind — was magically scraping off thin layers of every person he photographed to reproduce them on paper. The only way to avoid all that voodoo was to stand behind the camera instead of in front of it.

After his 7th he would switch career options very often but at age seventeen he started to experiment with an Agfa Click and a dark room. Soon he was hooked to the medium. When he left home, he started working a day time job in a photo lab and in the evenings he visited an art academy.

Van der Kamp’s main goal is to make portraits and many of the nudes on his site that have often been described as provocative are portraits in his perception. Rarely one will find a photograph made by Van der Kamp where the face of the model is veiled, hidden or simply extracted from the composition.